Original Magazine:


Fantastic Story Magazine from BTTF 1 - SOLD

1955 and Marty needs to convince George to invite Lorraine to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. So he dresses up as Darth Vadar from the Planet Vulcan using the raditiation suit that Doc Brown gave him in 1985. He also has the Doc's hairdryer from 1985 as a ray gun.

He breaks into George's bedroom and put's his personal stereo on George. A bit of Van Halen gently wakes George, who takes one look at Marty and then another at his Fantastic Story pulp magazine.

Luckily for Marty, the issue of Fantastic Story has a similar space figure on the cover. George really believes an alien has come to fry his brain.

Fantastic Story Magazine was a real publication and we have a copy of the magazine. It's identical to the one used in the movie but we don't think this one was screen used. Most likely this is just a regular copy of the magazine.

Pulp magazines were so called because they were printed on poor quality pulp paper. This copy is in reasonable condition but the internal pages have yellowed with age and the cover has a few creases.

Original magazine $100. All prices include shipping.