BTTF 1 Video Camera

The Video Camera plays an important part in the first Back to the Future Movie. We first see it used by Marty in the parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall.

Marty records the temporal experiment number one, where Einstein goes forward one minute in time. Then the Libyans arrive.

Back in 1955, Doc spends a lot of time watching the footage on his old monochrome TV set.

The video camera was a regular JVC model, available back in 1980. It is no longer available. We've managed to get hold of some of four of these cameras.

All cameras come with a battery and charger, but all of the batteries seem unable to hold a charge for more than a few minutes. All the cameras are able to record video but due to their age we cannot guarantee that they can be used as a regular video camera. The intended use for this item is for it to be casually left on the passenger seat of your BTTF DeLorean.

If you want to play Doc and Marty then this camera is an essential item.

Each camera is in a different condition, which affects the price, as follows:

Cameras 1 SOLD and 2 SOLD are in their original JVC Video Movie attache case. The cameras are in good condition and come with accesories.

Camera 3 SOLD is in good condition, but has no JVC case.

Camera 4 is in poor condition. Part of the padded pvc side cover is missing (see bottom pic opposite). The microphone is missing and the lens surround has damage. Suprisingly this still powered up and recorded video. However, no guarantee is offered.


Prices include shipping within the US or Western Europe:
Camera 1 and 2 SOLD
Camera 3 $SOLD
Camera 4 $150