Ebbing through London with her hot air balloon...

Comes a voice from a songstress with songs for the moon

Enticing with fairytales and musical games

The Insects collide with the flare of her flames

Infusing her wit with electronics, guitar

Into haunting soundscapes or a cable train car

Eva Eden is at the vanguard of London's underground music scene, on the waves of the radio, at the depths of its stream . One of Patrick Wolf''s singles features a cover of her track 'Underworld'. She's also taken the stage at the ICA, London's Scala, King's Place and the radio waves care of Steve Lamacq (Radio One).

Born in Czech Paradise, Eva Eden grew up with a fondness of artefacts from forgotten times, the weird & wonderful world of tall tales & rhymes and she started to make music from an early age. Spending most of her formative years in the golden baroque city of Prague she came to London for the fusion of cultures, the clashing of sounds .

The Music is encapsulated by epic stories of skylarks, cable train rides and how the sea-life feels, we are put in lands and places many of us have never been. But this suits Eva, believing that music should help people see the magic in their lives.

Jamie McDermott