"B" - litter Khatakhyi

* 22.8.1999

Int.show Prague 2000 (Bhaktir, Boshay, Buddha - 9 months)

Special.show TT  2000 (Boshay, Bhaktir, Buddha - 13 months)

JCh. Bcandba Boshay Khatakhyi (11 months)

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11 months

Ch. Bharat Buddha Khatakhyi (13 months)

(has a litter with our Ochiva)

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Bhaktir Bandham Khatakhyi (13 months)

Brahma Bhutah Khatakhyi (Butik)

Christmas greetings from Buty and his owners - 4-5 years of age

Bhagavadghita Khatakhyi (Tara)
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