Fuego's Place - a place to burn with Fuego

Finally, a way to quell your Fuego's Place Nostalgia!

The first blurb - the one that started it all!
Getting the hang of things...very, very exciting!
The first visitor...and what it means to art.
The of the Olympics...and the site is still NUMBER 1!
Tough week ,search dogs, and Green Chili Cheese Bread
The Death of Kentucky Jack, whoever he was.
Friggin HTML Crap! Netscap vs. IE...the battle continues!
How comments work, and olympic under 13 female circus compitition
Advertising, Bush's Boat Buddies, Green Chili Cheese Bread, and a Gambrinus
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...for God? No! For Clovis!
Hmmm...Chocolate covered cinnamon raisin green chili cheese bread..and more waiting
A bad Gambrinus, and Zozobra Calling
No Gambrinus, out only Hope is Frozen...or gone.
Paris, Rome, Milano, Clovis!
What to bring to Clovis... fireworks, illegal Czech immigrants, or a keg of Gambrinus?
The Republicants are marching
Veverka Soup....doesn't that scare you?
The History of Zozobra, and build up to Prague's own Zozobra
Zozobra waits for stupitdity
Marbles and Zozobra...I'm BIG!
Viewer Feedback...are there any?
Zozobra Burns, Prague Mystified! See the Movie!
Clovis and a Box of Tecate
Sauceless Sunday in Curry County
Sunday, Sauceless Sunday. Will King Nino ever see Kentucky Jack?
The Clovis Situation
Less than a day to go...
Double Dang, we start filming tomorrow!
Privny Nick tires to kill me, M gets her visa!
Electronic Time Eater
A week of Eternity
Fly Swatting Fun!
Clovis...come to an end?
Haikus for Health...Dang.
Worst Day since Yesterday
Iron Chef for President!
Bored at work...thank Buha!
Wrap Party and Vomit Snakes
Work is over, but the dreams are just starting. I can't not Believe In Me
I Bleive...that the film is over...now, where is my life again?
I've got a 1974 Hotelsmobile Regency 98...and it lives!
Thanksgiving...on a Sunday?
Thank you Lord! JoAnn's Rancho y Casados is back!
Of Czech Poets, and Missouri Weddings
It's Thanksgiving, and I've got the Blues
Toronto...the next Clovis?
Black Squirrels of Death!
Take it to the Tower...the CN Tower in Toronto
This town Rocks... a Little
Ain't that big n' it ain't that easy.
Back in Good ol' New Mexico.
Luminaria? of Firolito? You decide.
La Vista Guna
Prague...good to be back home.
Really Big Day
The advent of the Slog
Babilists Unite behind the Not For Sale Party
Responsibility Looms
Psychic Procrastination.
Thoughts on Fences
Cold waitresses and warm scarves in Prague
The “Las Vegas” syndrome
Someone is waiting for God
And sometimes all you have is, well, dang.
will the real Dr. Pants please stand up!
Bread in the oven...with out Green Chili
George W. Bush kills the NHL season.
Too much snow to snowboard!
A moment of silence "For the Season the Bettman Built." Arsemole.
And third hand smoke?
A sad day for the USA - the truth is dying
Could something worse than Apartide come out of South Africa?
Chopok, Slovakia - a piece of heaven, but with beer.
Dateline - Slovakia. Preznit Bush meets with Putin
Dang, back home, and the "w" word is looming!
Magic Healing Potion - Right here in the CZ
The lights are growing dim
Cold, and time to start working
First day of work, and it was, well, work.
It just won't stop - top secret film project in Prague - read all about it!
Ceske Krumlov! - Technical Scout an overwhelming success!
Another day of scouting, and an endless lunch
Dang, almost got fired for sharing.
Back this side of the living...but not by much
Just whose time is Daylight Saving?
Easter Reflections on a bloody film
World's Oldest Cat - Oscar - one cool cat
French vs. Serbian Hours on the Train
Epic Film Making - right here in the CZ!
It'll take more than an Annurism to stop the Terrordactyl!!
Life after Clovis...sort of
Guided by Voices - the key to directing
If it weren’t for the slippers, I would have fallen ages ago.
It has come to my attention, that you are not paying attention...
PsychobasketPole Part 1
Blood, gore and Turkey Pot Pies
Clovis Flash Back<
Seven daze till heaven
THinkin gtoo hard about thinking.
It takes one hundred to make one.
Well, dang, if one and one hundred don't make two thousand!
On the way home from Hokej Central
This is your Brother's Slava, and Buda the Pest
Assault on Cheb – the Stories Behind the Battles.
Rain, Beer, and Breakfast - another big day<
Sometimes you just gotta say "Dang."
Lazy Mouth and Pirates
The new Amerikan Reich loves Chris Kristofferson
Gold Class, Babe
Whose fence are you on?
Books! Yes, I’ve read about these things…
A day with the Czech Police...or why Kafka was an Optimist
Smokey Islands
Return to Morning Frog
"Morning Frog 2" Continues
"Morning Frog 2" Day 3, am I still me?
"Morning Frog 2" Day 4 such a bore.
"Morning Frog 2" Day 5, ain't no jive<
"Morning Frog 2" Days Six, Seven, and Eight, a bit behind, but not too late!
"Morning Frog 2" Torn like Crab Claws - and day 9 to boot
"Morning Frog 2" 10 daze, a bit of haze
That's like grits n shits<
Rosebud in the Desert?
From Frogs to Pirates in 2 short days.
Pirates of the White Sand: Hours tick by...
Pirates of the White Sand: And the winner is...
Day one of not having anything to do.
Waiting to finish.
A return to Youth
Golf vs. NASCAR
Beginning of the End of the Beginning
In New York, no one can hear you scream
Digital digitass!
Back to my Roots
When Pants lays down a challenge...
Damn drink fingers
Hurricane Terrorists
Prauge looses an Amek
Give Donut Farmer an Oscar!
Zozobra love Donut Farmer!
One week of Donut Farming...and no Donuts
The long and the short of Donut Farming
Does fear factor for Nina Simone?
Rainbows, Verga, and Rock Avalanches.
Farming Donuts with Bruce Willis
Jedi Chiropractors
Vegas, Babe!
Farming Donuts in the Morning
Touch the Donut
Migrant Worker
The end of "Donut Farmer"
Mud, Tears, and Haunted Hospitals
The WiFi Avenger
McFadden in the House
Wrapping Up the Donut Farmer
Squirrel on a Hot Tin Roof
Film Wrap Syndrome
Kodak 5218 vs. Fuji 8573: Only Time Will Tell
Frankenstein In Love - the sequel to Shakespeare in Love?
A Fluke is a Fluke by any other name
Survival the key on "Fluke"
Half of More
God Bless Velvet!
God Bless MaK!
List yer Pirates!
Waiting for Pesole
Masked Dancing Gorrilaz
Shamrock, Texas, a Sham!
Major Artery, New Mexico
White Pirates in the Sand
Cold. Dang cold.
You call that "Dang?"
The Fluke that Roared
the "Fluke" a fluke of filmmaking
Werewolves of Albuquerque
Lost Haiku Found
Christmas High Ate Us
Home for the Hillidaze
The Spirit of X-Mas: Part 1
Back in the Hood: Praha lovely Praha!
The Spirit of X-Mas: Part 2 - All that damn stuff!
Well I'll be danged...not even the terrorists could stop it!
Back to the Fluke
Spirit of X-Mist - Part 3: Moravia looms
Plate, or Shrimp, or Plate of Shrimp
Spirit of X-Miss - Part 4: Lumps of Foam
I saw "Turkey Pot Pie - the Salad Days" today.
Flying to the end of the Fluke
Los Alamos Larry
Pivo Party and Shakespear.
Right out the Winda
Unemployment is Boring
The Abq. Syndrome
Thank God for that tax break!
Yo, whose gonna get down with the Rum Fits?
Dang, almost home...
Is he acting? Or really this stupid?
Google vs. the World!
Blurp Number 200!
Oscar Rolls in his Grave!
Pain Pizza!
A first for everything
Leaving already
Stinky Cheese Bus<
A good time to stare directly at the sun
Life just keeps not getting any easier.
CZ Ice Bowling Heats Up!
Prague Eclipsed
Coyote Killers!

That stuff on page one was much cooler, I wanna go back!

How many of you are there?