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Big Day...really Big Day

Today is a really big day. It's MaK's birthday, and it's a 3 day weekend (Yesterday was welcome to Capitalism Day - and a Bank Holiday) and we are celebrating! We are celebrating by waking up super early...and going to work! Yes, it's the first day of shooting on "Monitor Hell!" (To make matters worse it's actually "Day 0 of 28." Today is some sort of "Pre-Shoot," even though it's a normal shooting day). Ah, yes, only 28 more mornings to go.
On the bright side, some of the Mornings will be in the evening, and some in the afternoon, and some in the middle of the night...it's going to be an interesting shoot.
I'd rather be at home with MaK...


About as exciting as it gets...

or "No need for a name"

A very exciting thing happened to me the oterh day...I got a hit from someone looking for Norton System Works! I hope they read and appriciated my experiences with our frinds at System Schmirks. Jerks.
On the other side of the fence, it looks like this movie, can't remember the code word for it, moment...let's call it "Monitor Hell" ..."Monitor Hell" is going to happen after all. There was a while where it looked like it was going to fold in a heap of unstructured actorless chaos...but it seems to have recovered. Well, although I had convinced myself that I didn't need it, the extra few weeks of pay should come in handy. Still, the free time would have been nice.
Looking for Roslyn Doubles! Let me know if you are interested!
Gotta run, things are heating up...


Even with the low Productivity...

we had VISITOR 8000!!!

But it seems to have been me.
I was pretty sure that it didn't (doesn't) count my computer when I go to visit. It seems that is no longer the case...and I just realized why. Norton. While I was battling with the useless task of finding some reason to keep the crappy software on the ol' computer, it offered to clean up my temp files, and get rid of the garbage that gets left as one traverses the ones and zeros. I agreed. I suppose I should count Norton number 8000! Yeah Norton!
On another note, I did get a visitor from Iran today. They landed on a photo of a friend of mine titled "Preggo Girl." It's usually the German's that land on that one.
She is no longer pregnant, gave birth a few years back to tell the truth.
Having a beer for good old number 8,000, well deserved I telz ya!
I've always liked more interesting numbers anyway. I'm a thinking there should be a good prize for visitor 8888. That's a bitchin' number right there, and only eight hundred some away!
Good luck!


Guess Martin Stopped By

Woke up this morning with a pleasant surprise: snow! Not much, but enough to count (even in MaK's Evil Boss' terms). Here, they say Bily Martin was hear, or something like that. I was pretty tired when MaK was explaining it to me.

Snow in Prague!
Church of Holey Time in Geroge Podebrad's Square
Anyway, thought I would share.


In Caviar Emptor

or: Never buy anything from Norton

Click Here for the Ballad of Snorton!

I have started to get search hits for Norton. I just want to be sure that the people searching for Norton see the important part - my letter to Norton - and don't get scared off by my literary air. To revisit the Norton Letters simply click on the link above.


Thanks to a slow day at work...

I've regained access to the web page!

Not that anyone still comes by the site anymore, it has been quite a while since I have managed to achieve anything come-by worthy. Now, here you go! Another very, very exciting photo, and some very, very exciting letters all thrown together in what may seem an almost random order. I have opted for the "madness" over "method" direction to this little bit here. I may have access again, but that don't get me creativeness.
On one front, in the creative world, there is a very exciting project a friend and I have been working on for the last few days...we have been making a movie with our phone cameras. It's coming out pretty damn funny, and should have its premiere at the "Turkey Pot Pie 2" wrap party on Saturday.
Hope to see you there!


Might have this sussed...

but not till tomorrow.

Things seem to be falling into place, the new hard-drive has yet to fail, and all the ones and zeros are getting to the point where they are similar (if not flashy and new) to how they were - but with much more room of course.
Really, the worst part of it is all the pesky secret words and the like. So many to remember. I have a habit of sending all the registrtion codes and the like to a secret email address that I have, but it seems that sometimes I don't. Well, it's bound to be somewhere. Pesky secret code.
Gonna get some sleep, and finish getting this FTP stuff up and running tomorrow.
Until then, Cau!


Night shift or no...

I gotta get to bed!

Here is an email I wrote to my friends at Norton:
Dear Norton Utilities;

I have recently downloaded and installed your product Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier (Order Number: 1823071044). And I have to say that, even after just a few minutes using it (this is not to be confused with the amount of time it took to download and install your prouct) I feel quite nauseous. I think this feeling comes from the fact that I cannot call you at this time due to the fact that my wife and neighbors are sleeping.

It might also be from the fact that after three attempts to upgrade my hard drive with Ghost I not only don’t have my upgraded hard drive installed and ready, but I don’t have about 5 GIG of files I punt on the other partition of my new drive (that’s where they were going to end up anyway, and I needed to clear some space for your program). Now, my Windows Disk manager tells me, that partition is Healthy – but unknown. The only option is deleting the partition. It is no longer recognized.

Well, I figured, Disk Doctor should be able to take care of that. So I started it up. Here is the screen I got:*
Screen shot missing – Awful Disk Dr. Screen

Looks good, if you think crap looks good. My hamster is available for work if you need a new graphics designer. Perhaps my missing disk G: is hidden in the poor graphics! Nope, G: seems to be gone, unlike the Windows Disk Manager, the Disk Schmocter couldn’t even find it! Not even Disk Doctor. The Dr. was the one thing that put me over the edge when I was considering buying Norton. I have such fond memories of the Disk Doctor performing miracles! Restoring term papers, fixing crashes, The Doctor was IN!

Not any more. Must be one of the reasons people buy Macs, to keep the Doc away.

Now, several hours later (just a bit longer that it would have taken to install Windows directly on my new drive) I sit with the prospect of having to install windows directly on my new drive. I suppose I can put it off for a bit, I mean, I do have 5 G more space on my drive.

I would like my money back. please.

Philip L. Seeger

*I got this (for the third time) when I went back to the Disk Doctor to get that screen shot:
Another screen shot missing – the Microsoft Crash analysis after Dr. Crashed again.
Good to know they are working on a fix for this! We would hate for it to cause any problems.

I can’t send it.

Couldn’t find an email address. I spent a while on the internet site, and shied away from filling out the electronic help form, I mean, I already had it written, I just wanted an address I could send it too!

I tired to use the second option:
missing screen shot – happy phone tech

While trying to use Ghost to copy my primary drive to my new hard drive (several times), data was lost on another partition of said new drive. Disk Doctor was worse than useless in trying to find out what happened. Microsoft Disk Manager tells me it's still there and healthy, but Unknown. If I would like, Windows is willing to delete it. That’s all Disk Manager is willing to do. I have an email ready to send covering more of the details, with screen shots and everything, but I can't find a fucking email address on this fucking web site without filling out an annoying form. So I decided I would go ahead and call, and wake-up my wife and the neighbors instead. What do I find? I have to fill out a fucking electronic form just to get the phone number. It's been a long time since I've been this pissed off. I want my money back.

I submitted this in the electronic form one has to fill out, and low and behold, a phone number, along with my priority number, come up on the next screen! Finally, we’re getting some where! I have a priority number!

So I call the number…and find out that it’s only free in the US. I have to pay international direct dialing rates. That, on what I’m expecting to be an incruciatingly long journey into Telephone Service from a company that has made a program as awful as the one I just installed, and having to pay for it, was too much for me. This whole thing has really been unbelievable.

Yeah, I definitely want my money back.


I knew it. Even when I had already selected my country as "Other," you wouldn't let me submit the form until I choose which state I’m from! Perfect! Count me in Arkansas - the American Bohemia!
This is just unbelievable! My comment exceeds 4000 characters. I can’t submit it. I’m going back in, there has to be an email address in there some where! Too many characters, they got me with that one.


Back in the Saddle

OK, sorry mon ami, it's been a while since I sat down to throw some words into this little universito of ours here. It's strange, after a long day of talking on the phone and starring into the computer screen (mixed in with the occasional "where the hell are the actors?" panic) I just haven't felt like sitting in front of the computer any more. What I need to do is find a couple of minutes in my day to blurt out some of what we shall call for now, wizdumb.
The other thing is that I now have a fancy little toy that should make putting exciting photos and up to the minute updates on the web very easily...but I haven't figured it out yet.
Could be lots of fun to be had here, then again, maybe not.
If anybody has some sort of idea how to get stuff straight from my phone to this sight...well, let me know. That, mon ami, would be fun with a capitol real!


Can you believe it?

Seven years and she still likes me!

Sorry that I haven't been keeping up the ol' slog lately. Turkey Pot Pie 2 has really been eating into my schedule. It seems most of my day is being spent in the pursuit of making it all happen, and happen on time. "On Time" in this case is Monday, the first day of shooting. I think we are going to make it. We have the extras all lined up for the first week. Well, almost.
In real life MaK and I celebrated our anniversary...not the marriage one, but the anniversary of when we first met. Yup, seven years ago. Dang.
Anyway, things are going ok, busy, busy, lots of looking at emails and photos on the computer. That's the main reason the slog has been suffering from lack of attention. Computer Eye Bulge.


I can't stand this any more!

or "Life when you are In"

Well, Ok, I see how it is. I didn’t think it would be this busy, what with the Director all off acting in some other film and all. But there you have it. Busy it is indeed.
Just had interviews for stand-ins. I would love to be able to go back to those days, hanging out with Vittorio Storaro in the waste lands of Arrakis, sneaking out for the occasional coffee or donut. AH, yes, the glory days of being a stand-in. If only I could go back…well, perhaps not. Although the stress level is a bit higher than it is as a stand-in, I do tend to stay a bit busier than the average stand-in. Most days, that’s ok. Most days.


Hitting the Links

Yes, even in my stressed filled daily life, I do have a bit of time to get out on the links...and here is a good one:
Jer's New Computer.
I had an idea for somethnig like this a while back, not quite this fancy, but a computer "desktop" that was actually a desktop, all built in to the desk and everything.
This blows that away.


Another Long Day of Living the Dream

Things are cruising along...and I hope that we aren't leaving anything behind. Pre-production is always a bit of an adventure into the unknown, things being planned, figured out, re-planned, re-figured, supposed, and imagined. The tricky part is making sure that the right bit of figurin' are there when, months from now, it becomes time to turn the imaginings into the movie. A bit tired, and interesting conversation going on in the room around me (top secret stuff, my reader, top secret producer stuff!). I'll try to get back to this later. Not too much later I hope, I've actually taken to leaving the old computer here at night. I like to walk home, it sure helps get the webs out.
Well, it's a bit later now, problems come up, some get solved (hopefully before you have to shoot what ever is problemed) and some don't. The idea is to solve as many of them as possible now.
The scary part is that maybe we didn't find all of the problems...


My Eyes Hurt

Too much starring at the computer screen the last few days. These things happen, I suppose. It's all good, the end is near. Well, not really, but at least there will be a bit of a break. Oops, snack time. That should help.
It's Monday now, and the old eyes are doing much better. I didn't really use the ol' computer much at all over the weekend, well, except to watch a movie. We watched "Life is a Miracle," directed by Emir Kustrica. It was in Serbian and Bosnian, with Czech subtitles, but the imagery still told the story. Very visual man, the Kustrica, that, and very musical. A good watch indeed.
Most of the weekend was spent reading, however. Kavalier and Clay tells a great story set in 1930's New York. It was hard to put down, and made for a boring weekend for MaK. We did manage to squeeze in a couple of loafs of bread, and a few beers with the Glass Maestro Jardo (belated Birthday celebrating - one of the loafs was for him, Green Chili Cheese Bread, it was a hit).
And now it's back to "Turkey Pot Pie 2." I tell ya, it was a chore getting up this morning, especially with a couple hundred pages still to go in the Adventures of K and C!


And the Turkey Grows

Waiting for the printer. It’s good that we have this network action to save us the trauma of actually printing stuff out at our desks. I have to admit, that I have gotten quite a bit of exercise running back and forth to the network printer to see if I was successful in my bid to have something print out. I find I’m one out of three as far as my success rate. That’s three trips all the way to the other side of the office in order to print one document. At least the printer is in the kitchenette…if only there was better food there in the kitchen. Hungry, and all there is is a couple of snickers bars, and some milk. While there are those that may think this would be a wonderful thing…I am not one of them.
It’s been a while, and things have improved a little. Mostly because one of the crew is having a birthday, and we got to have cheesecake and champagne. Of course, now I don’t need to eat because my stomach hurts.


Back in the Czech Republic!

And right back to Work...on "Turkey Pot Pie 2"

Well, now begins day 2 of the newest adventure in the life of pLfuego. So far, so good. It's been a bit of a homecoming as most of the crew is back from the first one, all with new stories and adventures (although none seem to have managed to get God's autograph). We are right here at the beginning, and everyone is ready to being the fight, the fight to create "Turkey Pot Pie 2 - The Microwave Diaries."
Once again the plot and script are top secret - to the point my name is printed on each and every page - so I am not at liberty to divulge any info on what's going to happen (let's just say the crust on this pot pie is golden brown and looking tasty). You, my dear reader, are just going to have to wait and see the film!
I'd better buckle down and get some work done - lots of extras to deal with, lots of extras!


Pirates Still Rule!

Dang, it was awesome.

The people loved it! Even Deb liked the dubbed version. Ah, yes, and the illegal bottle of Pirate Juice! It was a good time for all, but I am glad to finally be headed home! Ah, thank you Abq 'Sun' port for the free internet! You rule too. Should have taken some pictures. Dang. It's gonna be a long day...and the rum is gone.


Good Bye "No Beans, No Joe!"

At a bit of a loss for words. It was a great experience even if I was working as a peon, I mean PA. Close, them words, close.
I did, however, manage one feat, a, as the French say, piece of resistance! I got God's autograph
God signs the script...both of 'em. I was too timid to go for the photo...
I'm a bit sad about this one. I truly enjoyed the whole thing, the level of organization and professionalism, the spirit and drive on the set, and the truly united purpose of making a film. This was an experience of which I hope to have a piece with me for each new project I encounter.
Thank you Schmoos! And thank you too, God.


Death in the Mirlcle

A sad day for an Ugly Bird

The day started out as any other. I woke up at 4:30, but slept all the way till 5. No problem, the sun wasn't going to be setting for a few more hours, so I was a bit lazy in getting out of bed. Soon enough, tho, I had to rise and head out to work.
The Miracle, aka the Hotelsmobile, had cooled off enough, but there was still a waft of heat as the door opened. It seems it had been a very hot day.
I got to work a bit early, so had a leasurly breakfast. Even that had to end, and it was time to head to set: another day was beginning.
We were setting up in Downtown Vegas...NM, lots to do in the next 3 days, lots to do.
A few minutes after I got to set, my man Paulo, the greensman, came up to me smiling.
"What did you think about the bird?"
"Yeah, the pigeon in your car."
"Yeah, I put a piegon in your car yesterday."
"Really, I didn't see one. Tho the window was open."
So, with a mustache shaking smile on his face, we went over the the car. He opened the door, looked around for a bit, and, sure enough, curled up under the emergency break peddle was a piegon.
A dead piegon.
So many questions as to why the piegon didn't just fly out the open window when they put him in there. Did he eat the aspestos fire-safety linging under the dash? Did he just find the Hotelsmobile so comfortable and swank, he decided to stay (not knowing it would be a sealed heat trap in just a few hours)? Did I crush him with the gas peddle? Did he, and now possibly I, suffer and die from dreaded bird flu? Perhaps we will never know just what was going on in that poor birds brain as the heat rose. So, a moment of silence for our poor traveler, who died, hopefully peacefully and at one with the world, in the Miracle.


Haiku for Night Work

Waiting for darkness
The sun gives its place to stars
Dear sun, hurry back!



Turkey Pot Pie 2: Revenge of the Sheppards

Triamphaunt return to Prague

For some reason the ol' fingers don't feel like pumping out works. Could be the brain, I suppose. Anyway, the big news is that it took them so long to write the script for "Turkey Pot Pie 2" that I can, and will, be working on it. In the big picture of things, I'm headed back to Prague! It'll be nice to be back home again.


Another day down

and another 50 cents

Ahhh. Deep breath. Deep. Like thinking without the need for words, music, or even math.
Finally, it didn’t rain, and I didn’t have my camera. I saw one o’ them giant tan moths with the blue eye-like spots, an honest 4in across. It’s one of those bastards that when you see its photo in the butterfly house, and the description of its general lifestyle, the map of its territory creeps up into New Mexico; and yet even after living here for the majority of one’s life one has never seen one. Not even at the butterfly house. You see the photo, but never the moth itself. Until today, and no camera.
There was also another giant spider, not a terrantula or anything, but probably even more deadlier. You could tell it lusted for blood. It had magnificent camouflage. For sure a hunter, strong and agile. I hope nobody stepped on it.
A few hours later, and there was the sunrise! As the sun crested over the Sangre de Cristos (roughly 1.7 hrs after we created our own dawn) 1/3 of the sky burned as orangey-red photonic tendrils punched into the clouds. Color stained fading tattoos.
Then, like topping on a cake, was the Dance of the Leaf Blower. A shaft of light cutting across the desert floor punctuated by four fully grown adults performing an intricate act of beauty, light, and gas engines. The dust must float! Bring out thyne leaf blowere and blow! A sight of pure essence! Keep the dust in frame! Amen brothers!
All that, and my camera was at home. Silly Camera!


A Miracle by any other name....

Is still an Olds

The Hotelsmobile is earning itself a new monicer: The Miracle. It's a bit of a storey, and the digits are getting a bit fatigued (long nights and rain), so I'll see what I can get out here, and hope that I get a chance to fix / finish it before I post it:


Where the hell did the drought go?

It seems like just yesterday New Mexico was gearing up for a fiery fireworks season, and then it all changed. We became Seattle. Rain has hit New Mexico in an all-out offensive turning our normally cotton patched blue into layers of grey. These strange small drops fall freely, nothing like the normal deluge in the afternoon. It is a sort of consistent barrage of droplets. Yes, the last two nights down at the bottom of La Bajada hill can certainly be considered beautiful summer evenings...in the great North West. Ah, yes, the fond memories of walking home after a long night of work while back in Bellingham! How the rain would fall!
In New Mexico? It's odd. Very odd.
Meanwhile, back on set: Today I had a first. I saw my first wild Terrorantula. On the way to set, while walking through the brush and dirt, nicely moistened by the rains the night before, I saw (well, Will saw it first, but I was there, and I am the one writing this, so I can say "I" if I want to) a Fuzzy Octa-ambulatory Brown Organism, or FABO. The FABO, upon further inspection, was discovered to be a "Terrorantula" or "Giant Super Deadly Spider that Feeds on Rattlesnakes". It is by far the most deadly of the known FABOs. We steered far clear of this killer, but did manage to get some documentation that the encounter is no more a figment of our imagination than George W hisself. Here is a photo that was snapped shortly before the spider took Will:

Killer on the Run

While we will miss Will, we won't have missed the "Terrorantula."


Now's it's 7:47 in the AM

But the next day.

Give the Muscos a hand! As far as night shoots go, this one didn't suck. It certainly is no Antarctica where night shooting lasts all winter, or 4 weeks in-between dis-abandoned factories if you happen to be shooting in Prague.


It's 4:38 in the AM

Bed Time is 7...also in the AM

That's right...nights on the horizon.
Tomorrow starts the dive into a month of night shooting. Pshew, it's been a long time since I've done such a long stint of dark working hours. I can only hope that the room I'm in stays cool during the long July afternoons. Gotta keep the feet cool, once the feet get hot it's all over, no sleep for Brooklyn. Or me either for the record. I just can't fall asleep once the ol' dogs start to overheat. I've done everything, ice, cool water, ignoring it, going for a walk, zapping them with a tazer, but nothing. Nothing at all, they just keep on being too hot, and keeping me awake. I have a fan, tho, and a sliding door onto a nice little side yard, so there is hope of cool freakin' feet.
The photos I have that I can safely put up on the web are too similar with the ones I've already posted. The others give just a bit too much information...
Not much, but enough.


Was it the wedding?

Or the Mountain Climbing?

I have to say, never let one of the "in shape" types lead the charge.
It is important to note that if one's goal is to climb a mountain, don't bring anyone who actually climbs mountains...that is if you want to look good...
We, however, had some of the "in shape" types leading the charge to the top. Here is what the mountain looks like. We were planning to head way off to the left, and enjoy the gentile climb of 'I Don't Care", or "Rim Run". Instead, our fearless leader Jandacek led us up "Precious." It was a steep climb. We soon took a bike path off to the left, our goal being the top of the mountain. It was nice to have a bit of a traverse instead of the relentless assault on the ridge. It didn't last very long. Basically what Jandacek wanted was a steeper sloap to ascend, so he led us to "Sidewinder". Note the number of little black diamonds at the top. I felt like I was climbing Everest, five steps and then a rest break. If only it were so glorious! We weren't even at 10,000 feet at that point!
Climbing Pajarito Mountain
Wwe did finally make it to the top, and, despite what I was thinking on several of those laborious steps up to the top, it was well worth the effort!
At the Top of Pajarito
The way down provided many challenges as well. It was just as tiresome to return to the land of oxygen as well. Many times did we succumb to the urge to "rest" as they call it in these parts.
Tecate isn't just for poor folks any more
All in all, it was quite a weekend, complete with some Miracles, provided by Miracle Dave (who, aside from dimming the sun, also turned Tecate into Dos XX, and managed to get Jonathan Coop to marry!)
Dave Quigley performs a Miracle
I only wish I had managed to get a photo or two of the ceremony...


Sleepless Nights...

Man, it can be hard to sleep till 3pm! Who would have ever guessed that I would be at a point in my life when I have trouble sleeping all day? Well, ok, I did managed to sleep until twoish, and probably would have slept longer if the French hadn’t scored just then…. Anyway, point being is that it is going to be a long weekend, and I needed the extra hour of sleep. We are going to be shooting all night tonight (Friday) and into the early morning. It’s hard to say just how late (we won’t have to wait for the sunrise like in Pilar) because the most difficult shot we have requires removing the roof off of the trailerhome we are shooting in. I’m guessing, since the roof is still on after the winds we were having the other day, the roof is on there pretty good. It’ll probably take a couple of hours of us watching as pieces come off. Once we are done, however, I bet I can get you a pretty good price on a mobile home that was used in the hit “No Beans, No Joe!” Maybe even an Oldsmobile from the film…
The second part of the weekend has me headed to the top of Pajarito Mountain for the wedding of good old Jonathan Coop to the lovely Miss Beth Holtzman (maybe, I don’t know for sure if that’s her last name or not…) After the service, a “reception” is being held at Camp May, just a bit further up the road from Pajarito. It promises to be quite an event that will have me checking into the Hotelsmobile before the night is over.
Sunday afternoon has me in Santa fe blowing glass at the Prairie Dog Studios for the afternoon.
Hope we have a late call on Monday…


Good time in Vegas...NM

Here we are, in Vegas...NM, chillin and drinking with the one and only Andrew, and enjoying the prize for my being visitor 1000 on his website: 3 Pints of Booda's Drool. Dang, it's been a good night here in Vegas...NM


Foul Him! We need a commercial!

or How long till October?

I'm watching the big game, and it's swell. I have one helpful hint to help make a game out of BB. I furst fully realized the impact this one small change could make on the enjoyableness of Basket Ball when videotaping high-school games for my video productions class. Don't stop the clock! Let it run out, free-throws and all. Out of bounds, substitutions, baskets and all, just keep the clock running! Something like world cup basketball. Give it some spice. Gall darned it!
I count no baskets in my words. I doubt this dramatic change to the inner workings of Basket-ball as we know it today would make basketball all that much more interesting; or even make it fun to watch (like when the Germans show some Amerikan footy and cut out all of the standing around – you can’t watch it).
Time for some sleep, many big days ahead, but tomorrow isn’t one of them. If I see that damn kid on the bike who busted up my lock-up…I tell you what! I’ll stop him this time.


Commercials vs. Starz Wartz

or "Fear Factor"'s pale brothers

Well, the Simpsons is on (living in a hotel again, and the hokej game is over), and I have to admit to enjoying the spectacle. Unfortunately, from time to time, these strange little films come on. Little 30 second films, one after the other. One or two might work, but there are like 10 at a time. Miserable, mostly because the filmettes are kinda sucky. The easiest choice to overcome this problem is hitting the up button in the channel section of the remote. Easy, except for one thing: It's Star Wars 6 (or three on the shitty meter. The first time I saw this (like there will be a second) “film” was all about the gold class.
well, I forsake the shorts, and gave the Starz Wartz a go...and I got the see one of the scenes I missed when I left the theater to take a leak...I saw R2D2 defeat a squad of warrior robots. I switched back to the shorts, and then went to take a leak. By the time I was back, so were the Simpsons.
I look forward to not having a TV again, at least now that Hokej is over.


A good week on "No Beans, No Joe"

HotelsMobile on the rise

It is still way to early to tell, and I hope I'm not jinxing the whole thing, but there could be a drinking game associated with "No Beans" once it comes out. One can never tell until the final version is out, and the throngs are headed to the theater to see a young, brash, Viet Nam vet try to keep his beans in the face of a psychopathic killer intent on getting those beans back. It all takes place in 1980, and that makes the HotelsMobile good fodder for the BG.
Probably time to sleep, tomorrow starts another week. A week in which the Czech Republic has to beat Italy to advance...


One more time for the gipper.

or Locked out, and Locked even

Waiting. Waiting for what seems like hours for the party to begin. Finally, it looks as if the horseshoes and the badminton have arrived. Hopefully the outdoor activities will be more interesting than the Breakfast Club...so that everyone will go outside and I can watch the Hockey Game. Sounds like the horseshoes have begun...more later...probably.


Remember the Serpent

Another Friday
finishing Saturday morn
Clouds grow to nothing



It's official...

No KVIFF...this year...

I have to admit, I'm a bit sad, but not surprised. We still don't have the final version, so why should we expect a festival like KVIFF to take us seriously enough for their festival? Time to set our sites on the next target... Sundance…or others.


Prairie Dog vs the Jakalope

Yes, back in Santa Fe, at least for tonight. It is a beautiful evening here. I have to say the only thing that could have made it better would have been a good, solid, thunderstorm. They are sadly (well, we did get a few while we were up in Pilar, but nothing that tremendous. The closest the lightening got was 1.6km. Anyway, digressed) lacking in this years weather patterns.
I am in the back yard of the house in which I am a temporary resident, and it's a bit of all-right. A nice breeze, good shade trees, a warm afternoon, and the fatigue of four solid hours in the glass studio. Whole lotta chilies! It was good practice gathering, shaping, and getting the bubble started. I switched pace about halfway through the day and started on one gather chilies, practicing getting the bubble started before the first re-heat. It was a good day for me, but I'm afraid the tourists probably found it pretty boring. They like the flash of a big piece, layers of colors, cussing and strain! Little, clear chilies...well, there were a couple of kids who were pretty into it...


And the Night Shall Become the Day

Throw down the words! throw down the words! Throw down the words! Phew, long weeks, long night, late morning.
It’s a strange sensation waiting for the sun to drag its way into the sky. I suppose the biggest problem with it is the fact that usually happens pretty dang early in the A to the M. It was a beautiful night, rain at call, but then it cleared up, and the night progressed as it should when one is by the, as the Spanish say, “Big River” just a bit out side of Pilar. I suppose if you gotta spend a night filming, it might as well be in a beautiful place. I just feel bad for the people who were camping there. They come all the way out to the New Mexico Wilderness to find a movie set in their campgrounds. I feel especially bad for the folks who innocently put up their tent next to a couple of 40’ tractor-trailers. The grip and electric trailers. It must have sucked when those guys came back to load up their steak-beds at 3am. Ah, if only they all used headsets for the walkies! Or load up the trucks for that matter. I have to give the campers, kudos: they were still there, and just waking up, as the trucks were loaded for the last time...right around 8am this morning.


Has it been 2 weeks already?

Wow. That sure went quick. In Lost Almost, getting organized, ready for the assault on Vegas...NM.
Monday takes us on the next leg of our roller-coaster Teamster sponsored romp around New Mexico (well, and Texas, but I vote we trade Clovis and surroundings for Marfa and the lights!): Vegas...NM. This will be my second time shooting in Vegas...NM; the first was way back when on Donut Farmer, and it was quite an adventure. This, I believe, will prove to be the same.
Last time we were there, we were shooting on the second floor of a building in Downtown. It has been abandoned (but not in bad shape) for enough years to make it a good Sam Spade set, or, for us, a Lawyer's. Just a bit north of us was a huge thunderstorm. Intense and beautiful as it crept closer and closer to our location. Frantic calls over the walkies for updated weather reports were made, but no real info was given. I told them to call the local airport, they would have the best info on direction and strength, but they refused. The Gaffer (head getting the lights the DOP wants into place guy) came to tell me to warn everyone that if the storm came to close, he was shutting down the generator, and to be ready for the dark. I decided to walk down the street to see if one of the police officers we had helping us steer unwanted traffic away could tell me about the weather.
He put in the call as we watched the dark wall of rain move closer. the next calls for weather came through. I told them it's New Mexico, it'll hit us, or it won't; only time will tell. I went back over to Officer Perez. "Well, they are going to check, but they're kinda busy right now. We've had two shootings, and there is a riot in the jail..."
Uh, thanks Officer, don't worry about the weather...this is Vegas...NM."
It missed us, and we got the shots


So Long Texas

Just crossed the state line back into New Mexico, and it's great to be back. SO far, about 5 miles in, we have yet to turn. No rights, no lefts, we journey to Rome!
Whoops, just went right - at mile marker 14. Ah, yes, if only we didn't have the slower speed-limits...
It was a good time down in texas. Filming went very smoothly, despite several location moves and Texas Teamsters. The crew we have takes very little babysitting, which is a very good thing in the life of a PA.
The drive back has really opened my eyes to the collapse of the small town. We were very let down by Pecos, TX; but found a swell place in Carlsbad. Hmmm, Green Chili...


A bita "dang" right here

Finally, a photo of

verga close up


Getting things done

Here it is, me getting things done.
plfuego directs
Fuego Knows
A friend (John the stand-in) took this one, but I still like it.
Me at work.


Working in Texas

or "The Road to Kill"

I have to say, it's been a long time since I have seen so few people, and so much wildlife. It's just a shame that so much of it is dead on the road...
Of course, there is quite a bit of it this is still alive. I have seen crazy Hawk hi-jinks (barrel-roll dive bombing - by two hawks at the same time!), Antelopes bouncing over barbed-wire barriers, oh, deer, reports of wild hawgs, snake wranglers with stores of snake-bite fever, quails, road runners...so much going on in such a hard place to live. I did manage to get a couple of photos while shooting, and, since I don't want to spoil what it is we are doing here for the Schmoo Bros, I will keep to the theme of this post...
Crazy Bug
A Crazy Bug!

Tough Love
Flowering Survival

Gotta say, the shooting is going well, it's a pleasure to work with a crew, and production staff, as prepared, organized, and professional as the group of people we have on this adventure. I am thinking I should be a real jerk so that there is at least one jerk on the crew. We shall see. Hats off the Schmoo Bros!
Oh, and, like sprinkles on the TCBY, my boss is Mrs. Magruder of "Repo Man" fame...what could be better?


Oh where does the time go!

Or "Dang, I thought I just got off work!"

Well, it's sunset here in Alpine.
Sunset in Alpine Texas

And I have to be awake in 6hrs.
Good Night, and Prey the Marfa Lights are awake at 4am so I can see them on the way to set tomorrow!


I pine for Alpine!

Or "If this is Texas, how far to Utah?"

Yes, the shooting for "No Beans, No Joe" starts in the Next couple of days, and the excitement has brought us all the way down to Texas, Marfa, Taxas. Well, that's where we are shooting. I, however, due to the limited hotel space in the general area, am staying in Alpine, Texas. So far, so good, except that the majority of the crew is in another hotel, and that hotel is far from where I am at.
The key, use this time to get the final details of Pirates of the White Sand. We shall see, I have a week and a half of living here, and I am hoping the The Shotgun Grill, bar-b-q and beers to go. Who says you need to have a car in Texas?

This just in: Of the sixty-some channels I have on the TVs (yes, plural) here, none of them are playing the Hockey game. Unbelievable. Thank you Hokej Gods for NHL.com Radio!


Will they pull it off?

Or "God Damn California Fans"

I am currently waiting for the Sharks game to start. They were doing so well, up until the last three games that is. Still, it's been a good run, and it ain't over yet. Unfortunately, not only did they loose the last game, but the fans made asses of all of us Sharks fans. They booed the Canadian National Anthem. THis, to me, is unbelievable and unconscionable.
I have a pal back there in Prague who is a Canadian, and grew up with hockey. He laments the expansion, and I mean beyond the original six! After 5 or so years of wearing him down, he was finally getting to the point where could accept the fact there is a hockey team in San Jose. I think, within the next year, he might even have considered cheering for them (certainly if they were playing Phoenix or Atlanta). Now? Not a chance. I have a feeling I am going to be hearing about this for many, many years.
So, to all you jerks in San Jose who somehow thought booing the Canadian National Anthem would help the Sharks, you are all ignorant losers, and you should have you ticket privileges revoked!

Sharks lost...and I blame you, San Jose.

This just in: Edmonton fans cheered the U.S. national anthem so loudly that the noise drowned out singer Paul Lorieau.


Back at it, and still alive!

or "Revenge of the Fluke"

Well, the "Fluke" finally got some revenge. The producers decided that the film needed a little more edge, the director was happy with the version they already had. The Producers won, and we did three more days of shooting. I almost didn't work on the re-shoot, money was pretty tight, and they didn't want to pay for my help. Once I heard the Chinese contingent wasn't going to be here for the re-shoots, I wasn't upset about missing out on the fun. I would have liked to extend my stay in Prague a bit longer on the other hand. As it came to pass, I got the call Thursday night seeing if I would still be willing to work those three days.
Against my better judgment, I agreed. These three days made up for the Flukiness of the rest of the shoot. We paid our karma bill in full.
The first location was in Lucy, New Mexico. I am sure you all know it, it's about 5 miles southeast of Willard on Hwy 60. And there is a building there. An abandoned building that is. It's been empty for about a year, ever since the man who lived there was found dead. He'd been there a while. It seems he was a bit of a loner. His brother owns the place now. Fortunatly, for the re-shoots, we were outside.
Unfortunately, for the re-shoots, we were outside. Of course, every time someone would complain about the strength of the sun, or the heat, they would be quickly reminded of last time we were there. Last time, it was cold. Very, very cold. Of course, in those parts of New Mexico where you can see the Rockies off to the west, and you can just about make out the skyline of Amarillo to the east, there is one weather condition that happens in both hot and cold: wind. There was still lots of wind, and its traveling companion dust.
We finished the day by moving the whole company into downtown Albuquerque for a couple more shots. Moving the crew, all of their trucks and equipment, the trailers, and the like 100 miles is quite a chore. A very time consuming chore. We got into Abq. around 9pm, and were done shooting a little after 11pm. I started that day at 7:30am, and, by the time I was finished, it was 1:30am. Yes, the Fluke has been tamed.
Day two was a study in the economic levels of Albuquerque. We started in the Northeast Heights shooting at a very large house nestled in the foot hills of the Sandia's, just under the Tramway. Shooting was a bit rough to start. We had five "police" cars, and one by one they kept having problems, mostly with the blinking lights. It was a frustrating situation, "Ok, move that one to the back and put one with working lights into the front." "OK, done, we're ready, oops, wait, the lights went out." "OK, switch them again" All right, done, we are ready...hold on! One of the cars wont start." "Which one?" "Well, are you sitting down? The one in the front. The only one with working lights..." It went on like that for a while. I had an easier time getting Czech Extras to drive 5 Piston Bullies (Snow Cats) into formation on the top of a ridge covered with artificial snow.
Once done there, we headed to Southwest Albuquerque, or, to be more specific, just outside Albuquerque, to a "trailer park." There is no water, no electricity, and no services. I have heard that the families living in the abandoned mobile homes there moved in under the impression they were renting the land to own. They are not. Our filming there was quite an event. When we shot there before, we had a day where it was 1 degree in the am. This time, it was sunny and hot, and, of course, windy. When we shot there before, one of the make-up ladies organized Christmas donations from the crew for all of the kids living there. I think she managed to raise near 6000$ for X-mas gifts, not too shabby.
We started shooting at about 11am, and finished right around 2am. I was done closer to 3am, but whose counting? Fortunately, the next day we didn't have to be at work until 4:30pm the next day...
Workin Feets
Feets at the end of Day 2. My Feets.

Day 3 looked like it was going to be a real bad one. We needed to come back to the Ghost Trailer Park to finish...after shooting several hours in down town Abq with 100 extras. At some point, that was deemed silly, and day 3 ended up ending at a pretty reasonable hour - 2am. Not bad considering we didn't start until 4:30 pm.
Shooting for three days is a strange endeavor. The amount of organization involved, for only three days of shooting, is incredible. At the end of it, just as a routine starts, you are finished, and all the new folks you just met are on their way home. I hope for them, the producers (one of whom was now directing) got what they thought they needed!
AH, yes, now we have certainly been fluked!


Heep Big Day

Not only am I on my way back from a surprise weekend in Prague (for MaK, I knew it was coming), but this is blurp number 222! Now you have it, Fuego's Place is 1/3 Evil. Well, at least the blurbs are 1/3 Evil...
It was a great weekend back in Prague. Honestly, it was tough to come back. The lure of "lucrative" work beckons, and I am 37,000ft in the air to heed its call. At least this filthy lucre isn't tainted with money. This, for those of us on "No Beans, No Joe," is the lucre of Love. We are all hoping to gain from the experienced masterminds behind such classics as "Dude, Where's my Brother," and so many others. Yes, a challenge wrought with love. AH, the film business can be so peaceful and rewarding! (Here it is truly a shame that none of my film amigos who read this, and I think there might be one, never make comments - it's easy, click below the blurp!) Yes, Hollywood's love is spreading all the way to New Mexico - and I will be there to receive it. Ah, love!
Which brings me back to the original purpose of this post: my anniversary weekend. It was, simply speaking, awesome. MaK was as surprised as can be (there is a video, but not for you!) and friends and family were happy it came to pass that we could spend our first anniversary together. It was, I have to admit, looking Grimm (and not the Brothers) for a while there. Ah, yes, Grimm. The light arose, certain credit expenditures were OK'd on high, and the trip was made.
So thanks to all involved, the investors, the contributors, and the co-conspirators, thanks indeed for helping make this, my first anniversary, the best anniversary ever!
OK, they are playing Harry Potter. I'll be back.


Don't forget: No Pants Day! is coming up

That's right, this year May fifth is way more than just "Cinqo de Mayo," or even a "Friday." Correct, it is also No Pants Day! a day we can celebrate being ourselves while staying cool in the coolest of ways, without pants! Be sure and send us your photos...we all would love to see how you celebrate a day with no pants.


What an exciting weekend!

Lots of great news in the last few days....let's start with gas prices!
ass hole congressmen
House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Ill., center, gets out of a Hydrogen Alternative Fueled automobile, left, as he prepares to board his SUV, which uses gasoline, after holding a news conference at a local gas station in Washington, Thursday, April 27, 2006 to discuss the recent rise in gas prices. Hastert and other members of Congress drove off in the Hydrogen-Fueled cars only to switch to their official cars to drive the few blocks back to the U.S. Capitol. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Can you believe that? What is it with these people?
That leads us into the next bit of news...Bush doesn't want to tax the record profits the oil companies are making. At least the tax could cover the gas for all of the friggin congressmen driving around in SUVs! Let's just step back another step...and, hopefully, you have already made the connection between "record gas prices" and "record profits." This, to me, is unbelievable. Ever since Katrina, oil companies have been raking it in, and the price at the pump has been getting higher and higher? Why? Of course it's supply and demand. For those bastards at Exxon there is plenty of demand, and they can charge what they want. God forbid they would help out the Amerikan consumer (and the rest of the economy) by charging reasonable prices!
The next bit, for me, wraps it up. I read it in the Abq. Journal (on paper if you can believe that!) Bill Clinton's portrait that is going up in, I believe, the Smithsonian portrays him without his wedding ring. From the Journal: "Bill Clinton's office apologized Wednesday for his new Smithsonian portrait showing no sign of his wedding ring. He's reached the age where he's comfortable in his beliefs. The Clinton Doctrine states that monogamy is the enemy of free will."
SO, according to Clinton, the Mormons are the last bastion of Freewill in the United States! I should have been nicer to those poor bastards knocking at my door. Oh, well, I only live here part time anyway.


Let the waiting begin!

Pirates is in the hands of KVIFF

I'm in Los Alamos, but the Pirates of the White Sand are in Prague, probably somewhere in a large stack of similar situations. Word on the street is there are over 600 submissions for the short film portion of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival! So, hold on to your thumbs everybody, here we come!
The real downside to this whole adventure is that I will not be able to be in Karlovy Vary during the showing - should there be one, do your thumbs hurt yet? I will be stuck here in New Mexico working with the Schmoo Bros on their latest filmatic adventure "No Beans, No Joe." I am hoping it will be worth the sacrifice. As our man in NYC said we can just have a simulcast premiere here in New Mexico. Of course, we have not been accepted into the festival yet.
On the Ice Bowling front...not much has been happening. The poll to name the team is working, but not all the time it seems. Keep trying to get your vote in there. Even tho the tourney is still several months away, with all of the work we have to do to get our sponsorships in order, and the custom bowling balls made, there is really very little time to make some key decisions, and we need the support of you, our adoring public if we are going to take the Czech Ice Bowling Team all the way to the top!
Also! Donations are being taken for the "Get fuego a Bike Fund." Money, bike parts, or even whole bikes are being accepted. Leave a comment below if you are interested in helping out!


LIfe in the Fast Lane

Well, OK. Life in Albuquerque

My head hurts.

Pirates in the Air!

Yes, the latest, but not yet the greatest, version of Pirates is en route to the fine folks at the Karlvy Vary Film Festival! Hopefully the US postal service will do us right, and get it there on time. Go Americke Posta!


Just when the roll hits...

I was finally making some progress, getting words to appear on the old page (usually even the ones I was trying for) when a guy sat behind me. This is when my body tells me perfume is just as bad for me (eyes water, nose goes crazy itchy, I start to do that throat clearing thing) to breathe as cigarette smoke, and people douse themselves in the stuff! Do these people actually smell worse than the perfume? As if there are not enough chemicals in our lives already!


Happenings in the Hood

OK, so now a bit about New Mexico - sort of. I've been here for a couple of weeks now, and it's hard to say how it's going. The interview went well, for those of you following my rise to fame through the Schmoo Bros, and my (I guess really it is theirs) latest film exploit "No Beans, No Jo." It promises to be quite an adventure, all in all, lots of guns, and things blowing up in the blast and the like.
Should be a month of nights in there somewhere. At least the nights are in the middle of the summer, when the days are shorter than usual. Yes, for us, that means the work days are going to be shorter than usual. Er, work nights are going to be shorter...you get the drift. Lots and lots of short nights all in a row. I have fond memories of working on the 2nd Unit of League of Computerized Gentlemen, poking my head out of the AD trailer at the end of the day, popping open a beer, and admiring the sunrise! Yes, this will be similar. Well, sort of. I bet we manage to get a bit more done than we did on the League. Three weeks of nights, all shooting the same thing: Nemo’s car racing through Venice! Yes, and we shot additional footage. The main unit had a go at Car Zooming too. In the movie: entire sequence is like a minute long.
Ah, yes, those were the days!
This will be different. The Schmoo Bros are in a different league than the League, at least I hope so. But with other movies like "Funny Lookin’ Killers," and their documentary on how Arizona became a state, I think they have Stephen Norrington out gunned, and out classed, already.
Now, I am in Northern New Mexico's largest firework factory, and I'm procrastinating like crazy. I've escaped the internet, and now I gotsta get too it! So here I go...to it!
And to wenches!


Back in New Mexico pt 2

Memoirs of an Ice Bowler

ONce again reporting from the New Mexician front - and bringing you more Prague.
Due to popular demand here we have the latest Almost Visible Video,

Small Ice Bowling Baby
Broad Ice Bowling Baby

So enjoy the cinema!


Back in New Mexico!

So lets talk about Prague!

I have finally gotten one of my dangling projects finished up...sort of. Not sure how the sound is, but if there are problems, I will update it when I have a chance to hear it.
Here is the latest Almost Visible Video! all about my favorite part of Czech Bureaucracy:

For the slowpokes
For the faster connections

I, unfortunately, was using one of window's silly little programs to edit, and it won't let me save it as anything but a wmv file. I don't know how universal this is, but once I have an avi version, I'll get it up here for y'all.


Pterodactyl - could it be the Terror-Dactyl?

Or just another movie star?

Phew. I feel very tired today, not sure why. Could be the late-ish night, writing till some point, then coming home and watching the hit film Pterodactyl (Dir. Mark Lester, Starring Coolio and Cameron Daddo). At least I didn't get night-mares after watching it, and it did bring back some fond (it's been long enough most of the memories are still fond) memories of the shoot down in Pribram here in the Czech Republic. Those were the days...


A Hero by Any Other Name...

So. I found this quiz over on the Internationally Accleamed Weblog Beer n Trucks. I hope that you are as not surprised about my outcome as was I.

You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow. Roguish,quick-witted, and incredibly lucky, Jack Sparrow is a pirate who sometimes ends up being a hero, against his better judgement. Captain Jack looks out for #1, but he can be counted on (usually) to do the right thing. He has an incredibly persuasive tongue, a mind that borders on genius or insanity, and an incredible talent for getting into trouble and getting out of it. Maybe its brains, maybe its genius, or maybe its just plain luck. Or maybe a mixture of all three.

Captain Jack Sparrow


James Bond, Agent 007


Batman, the Dark Knight


Indiana Jones


Neo, the "One"


El Zorro


William Wallace


The Terminator


The Amazing Spider-Man


Lara Croft




Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
created with QuizFarm.com

So, which action here are you?


How many of you are there?