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Never Buy Norton!

Never Buy Norton

Keep reading to see why...

So, you are thinking about buying Norton System Works - well, this is not a place to find the lowest price on Norton System Works, nor is this a place to download Norton System Works for free. I suppose you can find the lowest price on Norton System Works if you keep looking, but I would like to point out that no price is low enough for Norton System Works! Even if they gave Norton Systemworks away for free, it would still be too much money! Super low prices on downloadable Norton System Works are out there - but don't do it! Do not buy this program - even if you do find a super low price on Norton System Works!
Recently, the number of search hits I have been getting on my site from people trying, like I did, to find some way to just get their money back (I never did manage to get a refund myself, and I doubt these people did either) has been growing steadily. This tells me that Norton System Works is still a horrible program, no matter how low the price!
Read on to see the processes I went through with their horrible program (and I paid the full price on the Symantics website!) and their horrible service.

Night shift or no...

I gotta get to bed!

Here is an email I wrote to my friends at Norton:
Dear Norton Utilities;

I have recently downloaded and installed your product Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premier (Order Number: 1823071044). And I have to say that, even after just a few minutes using it (this is not to be confused with the amount of time it took to download and install your product) I feel quite nauseous. I think this feeling comes from the fact that I cannot call you at this time due to the fact that my wife and neighbors are sleeping.

It might also be from the fact that after three attempts to upgrade my hard drive with Ghost I not only don't have my upgraded hard drive installed and ready, but I don't have about 5 GIG of files I punt on the other partition of my new drive (thatís where they were going to end up anyway, and I needed to clear some space for your program). Now, my Windows Disk manager tells me, that partition is Healthy Ė but unknown. The only option is deleting the partition. It is no longer recognized.

Well, I figured, Disk Doctor should be able to take care of that. So I started it up. Here is the screen I got:*
Screen shot missing Ė Awful Disk Dr. Screen

Looks good, if you think crap looks good. My hamster is available for work if you need a new graphics designer. Perhaps my missing disk G: is hidden in the poor graphics! Nope, G: seems to be gone, unlike the Windows Disk Manager, the Disk Schmocter couldn't even find it! Not even Disk Doctor. The Dr. was the one thing that put me over the edge when I was considering buying Norton. I have such fond memories of the Disk Doctor performing miracles! Restoring term papers, fixing crashes, The Doctor was IN!

Not any more. Must be one of the reasons people buy Macs, to keep the Doc away.

Now, several hours later (just a bit longer that it would have taken to install Windows directly on my new drive) I sit with the prospect of having to install windows directly on my new drive. I suppose I can put it off for a bit, I mean, I do have 5 G more space on my drive.

I would like my money back. please.

Philip L. Seeger

*I got this (for the third time) when I went back to the Disk Doctor to get that screen shot:
Another screen shot missing Ė the Microsoft Crash analysis after Dr. Crashed again.
Good to know they are working on a fix for this! We would hate for it to cause any problems.

I canít send it.

Couldnít find an email address. I spent a while on the internet site, and shied away from filling out the electronic help form, I mean, I already had it written, I just wanted an address I could send it too!

I tired to use the second option:
missing screen shot Ė happy phone tech

While trying to use Ghost to copy my primary drive to my new hard drive (several times), data was lost on another partition of said new drive. Disk Doctor was worse than useless in trying to find out what happened. Microsoft Disk Manager tells me it's still there and healthy, but Unknown. If I would like, Windows is willing to delete it. Thatís all Disk Manager is willing to do. I have an email ready to send covering more of the details, with screen shots and everything, but I can't find a fucking email address on this fucking web site without filling out an annoying form. So I decided I would go ahead and call, and wake-up my wife and the neighbors instead. What do I find? I have to fill out a fucking electronic form just to get the phone number. It's been a long time since I've been this pissed off. I want my money back.

I submitted this in the electronic form one has to fill out, and low and behold, a phone number, along with my priority number, come up on the next screen! Finally, we're getting some where! I have a priority number!

So I call the numberÖand find out that itís only free in the US. I have to pay international direct dialing rates. That, on what Iím expecting to be an inscruciatingly long journey into Telephone Service from a company that has made a program as awful as the one I just installed, and having to pay for it, was too much for me. This whole thing has really been unbelievable.

Yeah, I definitely want my money back.


I knew it. Even when I had already selected my country as "Other," you wouldn't let me submit the form until I choose which state Iím from! Perfect! Count me in Arkansas - the American Bohemia!
This is just unbelievable! My comment exceeds 4000 characters. I canít submit it. Iím going back in, there has to be an email address in there some where! Too many characters, they got me with that one.


In Caviar Emptor

or: Never buy anything from Norton

I tried, for some reason, I tried very hard to like this program. I didn't stop payment, I left it installed (and fumed every time I had to wait for my computer to do what used to be a quick and simple task). I tried to use the Disk Doctor when I got an error message...and waited, and had to force quit...long story short...I decided to get a refund. No Surprise, their electronic form didn't work. Here is my email:

Well, I suppose I should not be surprised. Your LOD (Laugh on Demand?) Electronic form also sucks. This is by far the worst computing experience I have ever had. I want a refund, and I want it now. Don't worry about me using your product anymore (I couldn't get your form to let me press the 'accept' button, it, like the rest of your program, didn't seem to work) since it is easily the worst piece of s&%# program I have ever had the mis-fortune of installing in my computer.
I recently read that they have just sold their 1 billionth program. It seems Barnum was an optimist.

This just in...their reply:
Thank you for choosing Symantec Store.
Our contact information has recently changed. If you require the assistance of our Customer Support Team representatives, please visit our Customer Support at:
http://www.symantecstore.com/cs Here, you can request information regarding the following: - Download a digital order - Check the shipping status of a physical order - View and print an invoice - Questions on installation - Errors in software - Help with features - Updates, new drivers - Subscription issues - General questions regarding the product
NOTE: Due to a high volume of various non-business related and unsolicited messages, emails sent to symanteccs@digitalriver.com will no longer be reviewed by our Customer Support Team.
Thank you for contacting the Symantec Store. Sincerely, Customer Service Symantec Store http://www.symantecstore.com/global
Assholes! Never go anywhere near this company!!!!


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Once again: Never ever ever never buy Norton, even if it is the lowest price possible, or even if it is a free, legal version of Norton Anit-Virus or Systemworks from Symantec, because Symantec and Norton are the worst programs ever invented!

It's been an interesting couple of days here on the set of "Otomat 9." Interesting to the point where it could be the first time I've worked on a film where the director gets fired.
Base Camp on Turkey Pot Pie 2 - yes at a brewery!
Base Camp: Back in the Good Old Days
I am definitely speaking out of turn here, since I am not privy to the conversations of the upper elements, but it seems to me that it is in the works. The whispers, the tension, the confusion, all seem to be pointing at one thing: Hair Director doesn't know what the hell he's doing.
What this proves to me is that gradiating from Film School does not in itself make one qualified to make a film. For our man here, what makes him qualified is that he had an old school mate with a couple extra mil in the bank to throw down a film, and a script (written, I believe, by a mate from Film School). That only goes so far. Now that the wheels are in motion, enough money has been spent that they will keep in motion (Drat!), so they will stay in motion. It matters not who is driving, and there are many waiting to jump in the seat.
I doubt that I will be given the nod (don't think I want it on this project...), but one never knows. So, if you want to vote for me as replacement Director, send your ballots to: the_big_break@otomat9.com.


How many of you are there?