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Las Daze in LA

The time is drawing Neigh. Neigh is a local guy here u Niku who does that thing for the art classes where he gets paid to go and pose for them. He calls it "modeling." I don't really know if that's the case, but the Artist Tymon Isovic M. Errickson, know mostly for his photography, was, it seems in the class...anyway, I digress.

Who's Bridge is this?
But I still have my heart

That's not what I wanted to talk about here today. I am leaving LA. Finally. It's been two months of ups and downs, but, all in all, a very productive two months. We are closing in on a locked edit of Moonlight. Still work to do, but I have a feeling I will always see something that I want to change.

We are also close to having a locked edit to send to festivals for the short series of shorts we did here called "This is Awkward." Probably going to be a bit too late to get into Karlovy Vary this year, but we always have next (besides "Moonlight Sonata" is a much better film for that one...) Might not make New Orleans either, which reminds right back...ok, it's all good. We still have time to submit to the New Orleans Film Festival. That would be a good place for two of the three we now have in our "back pocket."

Of course, we cannot forget the "Magic Pillow," which has gone from dream to near reality. This is good news for all of your out there who have trouble sleeping when traveling. I hope that within 5 years we will be looking for a pretty serious beta testing program. What I know is that the prototype we have now will get some pretty intense testing over the next few weeks. One thing that went will in initial tests is that it made it through the airport security. That is a big plus.

Well, cau for now.



As Time Forgets US

Just like the Dodgers...

Yes, it was a big day, and that could only mean one thing: Good News. Stand by for the Kozeln Polstar...



The Ups and the Downs

Just like the Dodgers...

Well, we start shooting tomorrow, and we are in pretty good shape...only one small of our cast got what the call here a "paying job." Yup, he pulled out. We will battle forth, and, unless more things come apart, worst case is three, not four episodes...

In some ways, it is much better. WE are not paying folks, so shorter days are better. Plus, we have the time to make sure we do it right, spend the time to get the details instead of rushing through. Of course, if we go with the short day, we don't really enough to do....

Well, it's all in the hands of Mr. White right now. We shall see soon enough, we shall see...



Procrastination is Fun!

At least here it feels like it's creative....

Uhhm...oh, yeah. Be right back.

Yeah! Baseball!
Yeah! The Big Game!

So, where does that put us know? Aside from about 24hrs later that is....

God Bless Us, Every One
God Bless US, Every One

Scripts! The scripts need to be written, and, judging by the weather, tis a fine day for it too. Right after breakfast, boom! Scripts are done.

Breakdowns - aka: lists. Yes, the myriad of lists needs to be made. Who, what, when, and where....

Go Team!
Go Team!. they tell me.
Getting the Crew! Movies don't make themsleves.

Food. Need to be sure the folks are eating...especially since we can't pay 'em.

Well, now that breakfast is over, time to get to work!

Work, smirk! We're making movies!



One Never Knows

It has become official...I am not doing their movie. What that really means for me is that now I can do our movie...well, movies actually. We are gearing up to shoot four quick and dirty films, all based on the "This is Awkward" scenario.

Herin lies the challenge...getting all the bits and pieces together at the same time, and for free. It seems like it should be easy hiere in LA, land of people how make movies and a few otheres. (I have actually started to tell folks that I am a coal miner...a much more interesting profession here than that of a film maker...somehow, they don't believe me...) You see, people have time up untill a paying gig comes up, and it's hard to tell just when that is going to be. It looks like things are falling into place, the bits and pieces, but this is all before we have done the list of just what those bits and pieces really are.

So, anyone here in LA who wants to have a blast and help on a series of shorts, give me a shout!



Someday I will get back into this...

No time like the present...

Yes, things are coming together... least they were.

We finished shooting "Moonlight Sonata" a couple of weeks ago, and there was a standing offer from my man Niko to do the editing. Only drawback was that Niko lives in LA, Los Angeles that is. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to take advantage of that offer...until fate stepped in and I got a job in LA. Oddly enough, the job is with the folks I usually work with in Prague. Shows the state of affairs when Prague folks are here in LA making movies.

Well, yesterday marked quite a change in the project. The money-man decided he wanted to go in a new direction. He pulled out the money from the current project, but wants to keep things rolling on a new one. He has promised everyone will get to keep their jobs,and we will roll on into a script that is being written as I type (obviously they mistakenly didn't involve me in the process, but it sounds like they have more than enough cooks in the kitchen as it were); and we are due to go into pre-production next week.

What does it all mean to me? It means a week off, and uncertainty for the next film.

For one thing, it's really up to the director who his assistant directors are, so we are a bit in the ether right now. My man Mark plans to meet with the new director next week to feel things out.

For another thing, dates. As it was, it was pretty tight, getting back to NM to catch the flight to Prague so I can help pack up the family to head out to China. Now, with the push, I will have to leave the project early, not always the best thing to do. But I'm not going to miss the trip to China for this, no matter how things pan out. That would be foolish.

On the other hand, I am here, my editor is here, and I have a bunch of free time (a week at this point) to finish up the edit on Moonlight. Depending on how things go, there might be even more time for the "This is Awkward" series of shorts we are planning to shoot next month. It will be a lot easier to get things going if I am not working the whole darn time.

So what now, well, we shall see. Decisions abound, but none of them are mine...just yet...



Life without Internet

How the hell do these people do it?

I'll have another! they tell me.

Man, today was all ragged and nuts. Spread out real thin like butter back in them days. Yes, as those of you who are fond of guessing have guessed, I am currently reading "On the Road," by ol wasshisname. First off, I have to say that I am glad to report that it, in fact, is not a tell-tale of the Merry Pranksters and their damn ass band of "trouble" as I had up until now been falsely missrepresentin se. Not to the end yet, and a couple of generations apart from when those sort of adventures could happen, when it was still possible to set our across the US with a few dollar wads in the pocket, but still enjoying the ride, as it were.

No bombs now, but I still have to be impressed with the accuracy of the bombs that once fell. There is a building here, 15 floors, raido tower, at least back in the day. Seems that when the "NATO" forces decided to strike at the "jerks" involved in the "Kosovo" misunderstanding, well they didn't much care for "radio" broadcasts. The part that gets me is that the radio station was on the 14th floor, and the bombs only took out floor 12 and above. So, when they say the bombing of the Chinese embassy was an "accident"...well...

The fact that I am in Belgrade adds a bit to the whole thing. So far away from all that shit, so far away, not just in time, place, but in spirit. A pause for a thought and I have to say that I am probably closer in spirit here than in most of the US. There is a certain longing for adventure and the unknown here that I don't see as much in other parts of Europe...or even so much in them thar US of A's.

All that aside, things are progressing, forming, ideas coming together, falling apart, and re-arrangin themselves into other ideas. Not too much time for it, but time indeed. Tomorrow it's off to Milan...and then the next day to Monaco.

It's been a long time since I was in Monaco.

The thing that gets me the most is just how much of a cliff the whole place it. Watching that there race don't give it no justice. It's all Sasolito sloped, steep hill into the sea. Now when I see them bastards drivin 90 through a hairpin, well, it's got about 12 feet of vertical at the same time. Dang.

Didn't make it into the casino last time, don't think I will make it this time either. There is a "decent" "Tex-Mex" place there. there?

Tonight we celebrated Beohrad...



Live From Belgrade

It's Saturday Night!

That's King Ham to you, buddy
King of the Meat Bears
Well, OK, it's Friday Afternoon...but whose counting any way?

Yes, as has been said, in this line of work one never knows what will come next, so yesterday's phone call came as quite a surprise. SO, a few hours later, and I am here in Belgrade getting ready to put on a show. Well, help put on a show, and not here in Belgrade either, in Monaco. And it seems that the prince will be there to see just how well we did our jobs.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. Way back when, a long time ago when we were all still kids, I got a very similar call. That was my first time putting on one of these shows, also in Monaco. I have since become a veteran of this sort of thing. I have earned my stripes. Seems it is time for a few more.

For those of you who are wondering "what's happening to the short film you were about to shoot?" Have no fear, we are still shooting it...just a bit later. What that really means is there is plenty of time to get your donations in...



The Old Days

Just how the hell does all this work again?

It might take a few blurps before it all comes back to me, this "HTML" crap that everyone is on about these days. Kids and their crazy languages, I say, kids these days...

Hopefully, it will not take long before me and the old computer are back up to speed. It was a super new mother board, and a slick new keyboard, and most of the rest of it still seems to work, so, in a matter of no time at all, we should be up and running. Most importantly, the filezilla still remembers how to get this stuff from the hard-drive here, and into those tubes that make up the internet.

For example, this time I will get the comment bit back in we're cooking with gasoline!



Fugo's Place

It cane so close to working...

One of the biggest problems I have being at home is the annoyance of the internet. Maybe distraction is a better word for it, but a habitual procrastinator like me is easliy ditracted by the glories and wonder that can be found on the internet. One easy and quick way around this problem is going places where the internet is not easily accessable.

Now that I have the old computer working, complete with the chinese keyboard, I have a very good device for going moblie. Longer battery life, good looking, and tough, this ol' Asus W1Na is perfect for heading out the door and getting some work done. And, with the new system, I can leave it in the bag, ready to go at a moments notice...almost.

In order to do this, there has to be a way to keep the files on the home computer in sync with this work phone seemed a good choice for this, but has proen to be a bit more difficult that I originally anticipated. The simple act of transfering a file has proven to be a bit of a "pain in the ass," as it were.

For some reason, it won't save the text file attachment where I want it saved, but, instead, in some secret folder that I can't get access too.

Of course, if there were internet here, it would be easy.


Fugo's Place

Welcome to the Modern Era

well the old computer is sort of fixed. All but the keyboard that is, so I am using a rollie. It's flexible, rollable, silicon keyboard, fullsize, and a bit awkward to use. but it works mostly.

I hope to start regularly updating things here, tomorrow should be a good start with a seven hour layover in frankfurt. Hard to get the right angle on the shift keys.

Anyway, welcome back...



Superbowl, or Maxima XV?

When football is for the rebels

OK, so this is a piece about the Czech Slovak SuperBowl, which has also been called the Maxima XV. Well, I am not sure if that is true or not, it was something like that, and I can't find the program, so I am making it up. But, no matter, it's Big-Time Amerikan Fotbal here in the Czech Republic, as the best of the best battle it out for the claim to the championship. There might even be a trophy...not sure tho.
Built To last
If you build it, they will come
I don't know how surprising it is to those of you who are not familiar with the regions this sporeting event covers, but it is in Europe. In the Middle of Europe, almost right smack-dab in the middle. Despite this, most people still call it Eastern Europe. Well, we can't fault most people can we? Especially considering our current PrezaDent Bush...but I digress. If he had been in Prague, he would have been at the game (there was a ceremonial opening kickoff done by the guy from the Embassy who gave Zoelee his passport, so you know Shrub would have been there to run it back, hook em Horns!).
They turned out from all corners of...
The game itself was in the Brand New Slavia Stadium, a surprise really. It wasn't very full, it's capacity is around 21,000 people; but there were still more people than I expected. I would guess that over a thousand football frenzied fans came to watch the Prague Lions play the Prague Panthers for the ultimate Czech - Slovak title...again. They seem to be the only two teams to have played in the championship, well, from what I can piece together from the lost program and creative memory, Brno also played in the Big Game once...once. A flash in the proverbial pan of Czech Slovak Football Powerhouses.
Cute Happy Beer Girl
Football in Prague.
It was a strange series of events that led to my going to the game. Let's jump back a bit, into the past, to a Sunday where my dear brother and I spent several hours wondering around Strasnice looking for the big game. A kid at the LCNH had told us about the game, and invited us to join him. Well, he didn't show (not a surprise since he got himself knocked out later that night for some reason, apparently due to his being him), and we didn't find the game. We were close, and, had the game been on that day, we probably would have found it. But it wasn't, and, not being Masters of Time, we didn't.
Troy Aikman at the Game
Even Troy Came to see
A few weeks later, once again in the LCNH, Dear Brother and I were enjoying a beer, and talking about, for some reason, football, the Amerikan version. We might even have been reminiscing about that adventure in the back streets of Strasnice. Off to the side there were a coupld of guys playing chess. At one point the younger one turned to us, and, with an undertone of anger, enquired as to why we were talking about football. We were a bit surprised, mostly at the anger, and soon we had two new friends - the head coach and quarterback of the Prague Panthers. I don't remember their names, but, by now, they must be household words here in Prague, I tellz ya.
It must have been that clandestine meeting where I saved the date for the "Velke" Game in my phone. Last week a reminder came up that on the 27th was the superbowl. Since snowboarding was not an alternative, I figured it was not the US one, and, therefore, most likely the Czech-Slovak championship. It seems my phone was right.
The day before the game, just outside the LCNMH (please note the M), while introducing MaK and Zoel to some of the regulars, one of them declared that he and his girl were going to the game. My fate was sealed. I was going to the SuperBowl, or Maxima XV, or whatever it's actually called.
Panthers get their due
Prague Panthers!
All in all, the game wasn't that great. The good guys got the first two touchdowns, and never looked back. They played a sensible grinding running game (the Panthers that is), with the occasional pass (the first one for a touchdown). There were some fun bits like when the Lions blocked a punt on the 5 yard line, and a couple of good pass plays. I have to admit, it's been a long time since I have seen FootBall live. The last time I was at a game, I think we left after the half, were Dear Brother and Co marched around blowing their horns. Still, for me, it was the concept, the fans and the players themselves here in Prague, that I found most interesting.
In the US, this sort of football is the sport, the sport the strongest and quikest athletes will play.It is the first on the list of how to make a bundle being the best athelete.
Here in Prague that is Football...or Hokej. It takes a special sort to break the bounds and play Amek Footy. The crowd was much the same, misfits and undergrounders. This is not a game the cool kids are into.
No Bud Allowed
Gambrinus at the Game
No Bud Allowed
So, nest year if you find yourself in Prague, around the end of June, and you fancy seeing the Lions play the Panthers for the Championship of the Czech Slovak Americky Football league, you should stop on by and take in the game. At least the beer is reasonably priced!
The Prague Panthers!
Fun was had by all. ...fuego Here is a bit that I have decided to write, it's later by a couple of days, and we are having a marvelous thunderstorm, tennis is cancelled, and, if all goes well, by the time this is done, there will be enough verbage to fill out the bottom and help align the photos. Well, at least they seem to sort of keep on even after the blue box has stipulated the end of this episode.


Into the Frying Pan

But will it be ready for the Z-Dawg?

A big day.

As the linux Fish Says: Today is the last day of your life so far. Or maybe it was something about a mess…not sure now.

I won one million dollars
Could this be the face
that luanches 1000 Planes?

Advancements in society! Little Z-Dawg is on his way to becoming an international entity. He submitted his photos (we gave them extras to choose from too!), he has been selected for the next round. So, 9am on Friday morning he is to report, and from there it will be decided if he is given the opportunity – the opportunity to travel that is. Yes, Z-Dawg is that close to getting his passport…at least that’s how it looks so far…

There are those who think the moustache should go (we are no longer talking bout the kid). The powers that be are still undicided in the matter, but the opposition is gaining strength, and they are starting to appear quite organized in their attempts to …”free the upper lip of this…degradation…no, discrimination to all facial hair in the world today!”

Yeah, well that aint much, man!
Or this?
Only you can decide!

The opposition to the opposition has yet to formally announce their goals in the matter.

Along those lines, it is time I took another AmeriCan in his challenge: who will get the most votes in this presidential election. It is time I started to lay down my campaign, and get my election head-quarters established. I will not finger my potential opponent just yet, for I don’t want “him” to feel coerced into running for President. If you are up to the challenge, let it be know, oh so nearly worthy opponent!

I will leave off for now. Until the next time!


Had to butt in again, at the bar here in MLCNH is an older man, having a coffee, and chatting to the girl behind the bar about the musical theory and intonations of Fugazi…now, it’s not the regular version of the band, but a very subdued and mellow, almost sort of continued “jam” (one of the Czech words that caught my attention was when the girl was saying “jamovali,” or, “we were playing music, not with any real goal or score, we were just sort of playing along and seeing what would happen.” AH, yes, Czech can be very elegant sometimes!


Back from Venice

And still procrastination....

Or, shall we say warming up?
Hello Dear Faithful;
Time once again has seen fit to keep on passing by. Now that a good part of my day is devided into what can be done in three hours, I am amazed at how quickly the 3 hours go by! Or is it that Zoel is eating more than he should, and he has mom in on it? Could be, could be. I suppose I could try to keep track of it better, but I prefer to let the three hour chunks fall by, a metronome of the days passage.
In the news: A trip to Venice! It was a success. No problems on the plane for the little guy, or for the parents for that matter. There was a point where we were worried a bit since the plane had to wait for take-off while we were all strapped in. Z-Dawg started to get a bit fussy, and let the crew know how he felt about being kept waiting like that. We soon took off, and he slipped into sleep for the rest of the filght. We skipped the expensive coffees and beers, and enjoyed the slience.

Venice itself is quite a spetacular city. I strongly suggest going for a visit before it is underwater, and perhaps even then it will be interesting for experienced scuba divers. I imagine the water taxies and prublic transportation will still be operating, just a couple of floors up from the current level. The city has been there long enough, and lasted through enough, that I don't think they are going to let a little thing like 3 meters of water stop them!

In other news:
well, you can probably read that stuff for youself... ...fuego


A light at the end of the Tunnel

Whose idea was "Dual Boot" anyway?

Hello everybody! Yes, I am nearing the end of the struggle! I have a feeling that next time I go through will not be involved. Linux is just so much easier! I mean...I am not sure how people install windows without Linux!

Anyway, I did decide to do the dual boot system. There are still a few things on XP that I will need. There is an application called "Wine" that allows folks here on Linux to run Windows Programs. I will have to try it out since things like Movie Magic Scheduling don't seem to have a Linux version! Still looking for something that would let me run Mac programs so I can give Jer's Novel Writer, the world's best Word Processing Software, a try. I will let you know what I find...seems it should be possible!



Is there not one amoung us?

Beginning of the End

OK, this is the first time the ol’ Asus has seen the light of day in some time...and it should be interesting to see how it goes. You see, we have replaced the home laptop with a newish one, much newer than this L7 (I got it while we were filming “The Whole Story of Anne Frank”). I still have the main box, not even a hard disk crash (Seagate: Made by Norton) can make me give that guy up. It is now running Linux, and liking it! I am testing this one out because it might make a great travel computer, it’s small, and old. Not that big a deal if it goes missing, as long as the recent work has been sent along that is.

Now, it does seem like the battery might be an issue. I’ll let you know in a bit. I can’t tell if it’s one of those “the computer doesn’t really know how much is left,” or “your batter ain’t worth the copper it’s printed on” situations. Like I say, I’ll let you know in a minute or two...

It now claims I have 0 minutes left, and it’s 6% full. It was at 60% when I started, 3 paragraphs ago. Now, I do doddle a bit when I write...but not when I write like this. I do have to say, I really like the keyboard. Good, solid feel. The keys seem to be in the correct place, and the backspace has that nice, shiny sheen to it that says “this is my computer!”

Just got the critical battery warning! Let’s see what happens next:

We didn't mean that
Misunderstanding of "bust"
in my Undercover Drug Agent Career

Nothing yet...

Well, I’ll keep going, and perhaps something exciting will happen...

There is a family next to me, and the daughter is wearing a surgeon’s mask...I don’t know why. I have not heard anything about the pandemic, which should start any minute now (will the battery last longer?), no one else is wearing one, there does not seem to be panic of any sort...perhaps this is the beginning of the pandemic! Perhaps this girl is the first carrier of the little Virus Who Could! Well, I suppose it’s a good thing she is wearing the mask!

Still not going to pet their dog, tho. Just in case.

Prague the last few days has had what I consider the “perfect weather.” Hot and sunny in the day, but not too sunny. There has been a high layer of clouds that develop through the day that keep it from getting overly hot and miserable. As is stands, we are on the lowest rungs of miserable hot. As darkness encroaches, the clouds develop, and eventually turn into magnificent thunder storms. Personally, I love a good thunderstorm, so I, for one, and very happy to have them. The folks caught up in the hail storm (the Nurse at the Z-Dawg’s doctor appointment was telling us about “hail as big as balloons!” I might not have fully understood, but she was fully amazed by it, enough to make sure and tell us the story right through the Little Guy’s crying (Tetanus immunization today) with a full waiting room of other Children Waiting for Needle. Seems like it was pretty amazing...

The Big Guy's First day on the Job
Zoelee gets the hang of the
Solomon Kane Production Office

Still going. The battery has been at 0% for a while now. Still going strong!

Along those lines, the latest update on Lumír Zoel Seeger: He is now 56cm long (not tall yet, tho he likes to stand with some help) and 5kg in mass. For those of you still in the British Empire, that’s “Pretty big for a Little Guy!” Or roughly 22 inches by 11 pounds. Not too shabby! Keep it up, Z-Ster!

SO, can I expect the battery to last a normal amount of time? Or should I keep writing with the expectations that it will die at any moment? I will hold on the to “gonna die” theory. AKA, nothing that provoking or thought-filled coming up. Mostly gonna be “quick dribble.” Ah, well, perhaps I should work on my Copy Writing Assignment – it fits into this sort of writing...

In other news...trip to Venice next week! It’s really a practice trip for our Epic Journey to Big Sur California. If we are going to have any unpleasant surprises on the airplane, much better that it happens on a flight that’s only 1.5 hrs long! Plus, the tickets were only a some for some for reserving a the taxes...but still not bad, not bad at all. The Big Z and I have never been, so it should be a good long as there are none of those “unexpected surprises” on the airplane.

Gothic Rocket
Liberc joins the Space Race
So far, no symptoms or people dying. Hopefully that’s a sign that the girl with the mask is a ruse...of course it could be like “12 Monkeys.” Now that was a pandemic!

Two things churning around in my brain right now...who of my loyal readers (like how I got a bit nutty and made that plural?) is still reading at this point; and, what would they find interesting?

Ah nuts! The girl pulled her mask down! This could be the end of everything!

OK, so now I have to sum up my last thoughts, my last gasp at communication something important to some sort of future world, and all before my battery dies! Dang...

If I were to say one thing to the future, what would it be? The first thing that comes to mind was “George W. Bush was an Idiot!” Upon reflection, I am hoping they already know that in the future. Of course, if his cronies have their way, not even our children will know that. Nor will they understand the significance of a very different George. Should Cheney have his way, both will be “George? Oh well!”

Perhaps I should try to tell the future a funny story...but what would they consider funny? Is the future going to be more of a Star Trek style society (there are those who would say that no, it won’t be. The fall of the Soviet Union saw to that. Unless Cuba gets involved, it will have to be corporate interests) or the future predicted by Mike Judge in “Idiocity?” Hard to say which is more likely.

And how far in the future am I thinking? Will this be the next Holey Book, found by Data Anthropologists? Or are we talking 60 to 100 years from now? Could make a big difference as far as what they will find to be funny...I suppose for the near future Aquarium jokes and the like will be funny. “Hey, what do you call a city without its own Aquarium?” “Populated!” Ha Ha Ha! Or “Seaside apartment for rent, working elevator!” Ha, yes! Oh boy, that’s some funny stuff! Or even “How do you get Two Whales in a Mini?” “No Need, not even the whales in London would drive a mini, they all drive Hybrids!” All right, all right. Should I get a day job, I won’t quit!

No dead people yet, though the dog is looking a little sluggish...

I bet if I sprinkle enough pictures in this blurp, someone will read it till the end...

Battery still going, about 1 hr. into this adventure. Good sign of times to come! But, at the same time, I must be heading home. Bath time for the Zeeger!


I have to say, it would suck if in reality that girl with the mask was the beginning of the Pandemic...I mean, since she’s sitting right over there and all.


The Gods Have Spoken

Welcome to the New Linux Version of Fuego's Place

Yes, do to things well beyond my controll (unfortunately) I have switched to Linux, Ubuntu to be specific. So far, so good. Still pretty new to the whole thing, of course, so I will try to keep you updated as I go. Until then, enjoy!



Out of the Fog...

And into the frying pan

Well, let me just start off by saying "Hello."


I am still here in the Czech Republic, currently not working on any films, and enjoying my time with the Tyke. Yes, as in "child." He's a pretty good egg so far, hopefully that will continue for the next few decades.

Just finished working on a film which has been called "Citizen Rushdie" in the past. Hopefully someday soon I can reveal its true name, and we can all rejoice together at it's filmatic glory. Although I don't think it will have the same Oscar winning glory as "No Beans, No Joe," it still promised to be an exciting adventure. We just hope that it makes it into the theaters so all of you can see it, too.

Zoel as Maly Budah
Zoelee shows Buddha a thing or two

Things still on the "to do" list:
Finish the "Cornhole's Revenge" video
Make the Phone Documentary "Were the Hell Was I? The Adventures of a Bush Beater"
Get a copy of "Pirates of the White Sand" to Flogging Molly
Finish the "Paper Ball" series
Edit "Ninja Baby"
Write and film "Pinky's Revenge" (Note: Possible to combine this with the Ninja Baby)
Re-write "Carpet" with no Budget concerns
Re-Write "Pirates of the White Sand" IMAX script
Make sure the Tyke is cool, and grows up as a well balanced and interesting individual
The copy writing project I should be doing right now
Review of the Awesome Goose Meal in Slovakia
Write more about the First Ever Balonova Fiesta in Bratislava
Hone my King Fu Skills
Yes, lots to do. Still lots to do...




Just a quick one...


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

It's Official because this is the official press release

Zoe Lee Seeger - Bucchaneer
Arrhg...just minutes from the womb
and ready for Plunder!

It all happened on Wednesday, March 5th at 1:39pm local time, or 12:30pm UTC. Zoe Lee Seeger, who will be forever known as the first male Zoe, was brought into this world. Already displaying impatience, Zoe Lee, know to some as ZoLee, made his grand entry one month early.
10 czech crowns for a crib
No babies in this one,
but similar living conditions

Weighing in at 2.35kg, or a bit over 5 pounds in some parts of the world, and measuring 46 cm, 1.5ish feet, ZoLee came into this world, screamed a bit on the phone to various grandparents, looked around at everyone there, and then went back to sleep.

He was later found in a shopping cart by his Grand Dad and Father, hole up with a couple of other kids.

I am sure there will be more...

I mean more about this kid...still remains to be seen if there will be more kids, or even shoppig carts for that matter.


Oddly Enough

That last blurb was Half Evil

And this one is just a bit more...

Yes, that was Blurb Number 333. Hard to believe, especially with teh amount I have been writing lately, that I, nay, dare I say "we?", have made it this far. 333 Blurps. Yes, nearly an institution.



My last haircut

Below is an interview with the guy who gave me my last haircut:

Stylist Proud of Bardem Film Haircut
DIEPPE, New Brunswick (AP) - Paul LeBlanc doesn't mind one bit that Javier Bardem calls his creation "one of the most horrible haircuts in history." In fact, the New Brunswick stylist is pretty proud.

"It's a very big day," LeBlanc said from his studio. "It reminds me of when I won in 1985 for `Amadeus."' The stylist shared an Oscar for best makeup for his work on Milos Forman's movie about Mozart.

LeBlanc, who has been busy with the New Brunswick hair salon he opened a year ago, created the hairstyle for Bardem's character in "No Country for Old Men," drawing on the mop tops of the British warriors in the medieval Crusades as well as the haircuts of the 1960s for inspiration.

Bardem won the best supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of Anton Chigurh in the Coen brothers' film. His haircut for the movie has been roundly mocked by comedians. Oscar telecast host Jon Stewart quipped Sunday night that Bardem's haircut combined "Hannibal Lecter's murderousness with Dorothy Hamill's wedge-cut."

Even Bardem acknowledged the quirky mop cut in his acceptance speech.

"This is pretty amazing and I want to thank the Coens for being crazy enough to think that I could do that and put one of the most horrible haircuts in history on my head," Bardem said.

"No Country for Old Men" also won Oscars for best picture, best director and best adapted screenplay.

"It's very good for them and for me," said LeBlanc, who has worked with Joel and Ethan Coen for many years. "It's a film that will have a long life and it's nice to know that my art will live on as well."

Bardem "told me every morning when I finished the top that it helped him to get into character," LeBlanc said.

yes, it's getting to be about that time again...



Singing Mice Know So Much

and the sky ain't that clear or blue...

But I am still outhere...somewhere.

Do Not Fear the Kibble

For there must go I...maybe

I, backed by a talented group of friends and comrades, recently entered a video in a contest to make "The World's Dirtiest Film." Part of the grand prize is a trip to LA to hang out with Jimmy Kibble for a few minutes while he attempts, hopefully aided by said guest, some funny banter about, most likely, Axe Shower Gel - the sponsor of the contest. We have made it through the initial elimination process, and are officially "in the running" for the big booty.

In other news, the Pre-Production of "Citizen Rushdie" is coming along nicely. It is still early in the game, we don't actually start shooting until next year - January that is. Yup, January, February, and in the Czech Republic...mostly outdoors...should be an adventure. Personally, I don't care what the weather has been like the last couple of days, I am expecting a warm winter. Unfortunately, that means rain and mud. I would much rather shoot in the snow.

Here is a link to the soon to be Mega-Axe Hit zBabes from Beyond the Grave! Not for everyone, if you don't think you would enjoy watching scantily clad Zombie Babes, might be best to skip this one...


Mysterious "Life From Beyond" Discovered in the Czech Republic

Gold in them thar hills
Strange Blob Found By Czech Scientists!!

This just in! Earlier in the month, Czech scientists reported finding an unknown life-form. Initial studies show that it seems to be a living creature, but the origin of said creature is still, as of this printing, both "mysterious and unprecedented."

Additional Research
"It seems to be alive," Dr Hanus
"We have seen this sort of thing before," tells Dr. Hanus, "but this one defies both logic and reason. There must have been some Divine Intervention. That, or lots of Slivovice."

Dr. Hanus immediately pulled a bottle of the Magic Liquid know in the Czech Republic as "Slivovice," and poured everyone in the room two shots. "Drink it all. This will keep you very healthy," he prescribed before pounding both glasses of the colorless fluid.

Other doctors and scientists have studied these images, but none have been able to come up with a sound theory as to just what it is. Visitors from outer space? Life from the depths of the ocean? Some sort of inter-dimensional creature? There are many questions, but so far, no concrete answers.

After a couple more rounds of medicine, Dr. Hanus proposed another theory, but had had enough Slivovice that no one is quite sure just what he was on about.


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So we don't forget him...

It's Official!

Andrew Teague is the Official 1000th Visitor!

Drew Baby or Drew Dog?

I couldn't find a photo of Andrew that wasn't fuzzy (something about beer...), so here is his dog Budah, and Budah's dog Duchess!

Andrew! Send us an address where you can receive big packages, and we'll get the prizes into the mail!

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