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All this way, and I stil got to vote...

Ice Bowling comes the Czech Republic
What should we call our team?
Da Beers.
Blaznive Bowlers
Ice Ice Bowlers
Czech Team
The Strikers
The Budvar Bowlers
Bohemia Bombers
Gambrinus Gladiators
Ten Pin Pilsners
Others (Leave your ideas in the comments below!)
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Favorite things to do at an Eclipse:
When viewing an eclipse, I most like to:
Travel into politically unstable regions and charge admission.
Sell special \'viewing glasses\' made from old coke cans.
Find an area deep in some jungle and \"take away the sun\" until they make me their leader.
Find a nice beach on the path and hope for good weather.
Rent a specialized viewing jet and follow the path, no-fly zones be damned.
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And the Winner is...
Which films do you think will win the Oscars this year?
The story of Clarence Saunders the man who was Piggly Wiggly.
Broke Back Teamster - Union in the Union
Snort the Line
BIll and Ted's Excellent Adventre Redux
Turkey Pot Pie
Donut Farmer
Pirates of the White Sand
Other (Leave it in the comments below!)
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Ports of Call for the Pirates
Now that the Pirates have sailed on, where will they go next?
Sierra Madres
Down to the Bar for some Grog
To the Lincoln Service Center to get the Crusader up to emission standards
A long Holiday in Wisconsin
Traveling through time all the while having hour long adventures.
To Lottaburger
Fort Knoxx
On a run for the 2008 Presidency
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Whose dumb now?
I think the Dumbest state in America is:
Texas...well duh!
New Mexico...but not as in
Arkansas, 'cause being dumb is a natural.
California...why else would we keep building houses on top of fault lines and muddy hills?
Washington...have to be to cut down all them trees.
Whichever State Dubya happens to be in.
North Carolina...forget the mosquito netting, tether the children down!
All of the
Canada...they’re so dumb they don't even know they’re a state!
Being Dumb is not a state...it's a frame of mind.
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Is is possible for "man-kind" to live in peace?
Depends on how many of us are trying at once
Yes, if we can live with okra, we can live with anything.
Not if I have to live in peace with him
Peace park seems real small for all of us
Perhaps in pieces
No, battle royal, you goin over the fence, jerk.
Can I have green chili on that?
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Seems like peace has a chance, I'll move on...